Annie Blaney

Annie spent years flirting with arts: drawing, jewelry and hat making, gigue, African and contemporary dancing, improv, etc. One day she realized that dance was the one art form that brought her the most happiness and her quest for the right style begun. Gumboots, tango, salsa, square dancing, baladi, reggaeton, contemporary, samba, bollywood, they all had a little something missing, a little spark. In 2011 she finally discovered swing… it was love at first sight! Eager for knowledge and avid to improve her technique, she since attends as many classes, workshops and events as she can, both in the local scene and international, mainly in lindy hop, balboa, blues and solo jazz. Her love for the stage and competitions pushes her to join the studio’s troupes of the Swinging Air Force, the SAF family in 2016. Then, in 2017 she feels ready to share her joy of living and passion by teaching at the studio. Today, Annie has become a passionate teacher! For her, the most beautiful salary it is to see her students shine on the dance floor and especially inviting her to dance!

Annie Blaney instructs the following:
  • Solo Blues
  • Découvrez les plaisirs de la danse solo et ceux que procure la musique blues. Augmentez votre vocabulaire blues et découvrez une variété de variations qui ajouteront du piquant à votre danse. La musique blues ne sera plus un mystère pour vous.

    Aucun pré-requis

    Discover the pleasures of solo dancing and blues music. Add to your blues vocabulary and see a great number of variations that will add spice to your dance. Blues music won't have any mystery anymore.

    No prerequisite

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