Olivier Didur

You would have met Oliver a few years ago, in the time where he excelled in martial arts, and told him he would be a swing teacher one day and qualify many times in team competitions, he would have laughed his heart out! This student of a Doctorate degree was far to think he would dance one day! But… like many others, he fell in love with this dance style. After only one year and a half, he became member of the SAF and teacher at the Studio 88-Swing and he loves it… So much that he runs to every event to perfect his technique. He’s a passionate… Taking part of the SAF Squad troupe for several years, he has contributed to the troupe's success, winning 1st places at CSC and ILHC. He coaches the Reservists troupe, making students develop their abilities.

Olivier Didur instructs the following:
  • Projet SAF Rhythm Troopers - Noël 2017
  • Troupe intermédiaire de Lindy Hop sans acrobaties, pour le projet SAF Noël 2017, avec objectif de participer au spectacle de Noël 2017, le 9 décembre au Collège Ahuntsic. Les membres des troupes SAF seront sélectionnés lors des auditions du 23 août. Contactez-nous si vous êtes intéressé!

  • Connexion Universelle
  • Voyez le Swing de façon un peu plus technique. Ce cours vous permettra d'acquérir les outils principaux qui vous permettront d’approfondir les connexions de base afin d'être en mesure de mieux guider et mieux suivre les mouvements sur le plancher de danse.
    Pré-requis: Swing 2 ou équivalent

    * Veuillez inscrire dans les notes ci-bas le nom de votre partenaire et autres particularités (ex: une femme qui s'inscrit comme lead ou un homme qui s'inscrit en follow)
    Learn more Swing techniques! This class will give you the proper tools to acquire and deepen the connection basics in order to be a better lead and follow the right moves on the dance floor.
    Prerequisite: Swing 2 or equivalent

    * Please indicate in the note box below the name of your partner and other specifications (e.g. a woman registering as a lead or a man registering as a follow)