WCS: change de rôle!

This class is taught by:

Philippe Berne

Philippe started out as a tap and ballroom dancer in his very early ages in Germany. Inspired by world renowned Ira Bernstein, he took part in many international workshops which made him a very versatile dancer and led to his number one passion : DanceSport! He started training in ballroom and latin alongside the German Ballroom Formation Team. Eager to learn more, he trained in ice-skating in the South of France and ranked second at the French 'Team' Championships. Martial Arts, Jazz and Musical Theatre on top of his ballroom and latin training, made him the well-rounded artist he is today. Starting his professional life as a successful engineer, he decided to stop this path and dedicate himself to his real passion: dance. After winning many national competitions and ranking in the top finalists in the French Ballroom Championship, Flore and him took the stage internationally. He is a licensed Zumba Instructor, Latin American, Ballroom, Rock'n Roll and Salsa Instructor and also masters many other styles such as Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, Zouk... He now competes for Canada in DanceSport and competes at Advanced Level in West Coast Swing. His classes can be enjoyed in Québec City and Montréal as well as in other events around the world. He recently danced in Las Vegas in a show for The Cosmopolitan. It is with enthusiasm and joy that Philippe is devoting his entire life to dancing and transmitting his passion to others. His versatility makes him an incredible asset for any event or dance school
Avec Karine Fradet, Philippe Berne et Céline Quézel!
Ce cours s'adresse à des danseurs de WCS qui sont déjà à l'aise dans un rôle (lead/follow) et aimeraient expérimenter l'autre rôle. En plus d'apprendre les bases de l'autre rôle, cet exercice vous permettra d'approfondir votre premier rôle en prenant davantage conscience de ce qui est ressenti par les leads et les follows. Nous verrons les techniques de base pour suivre et guider en utilisant plusieurs exercices qui permettent aux leads et aux follows de remplir leur rôle efficacement. Ceci nous permettra ensuite d'aborder le "steal dance" et de voir comment faire des changements de rôles temporaires (switch) dans votre danse, le tout en vous amusant et en partageant vos connaissances avec vos pairs. Viens faire l'expérience!
* Veuillez inscrire dans les notes ci-bas le nom de votre partenaire ainsi que votre expérience en lead ou follow (ex: une follow qui a fait un zéro à héros en lead, un lead qui n'a jamais fait follow, etc.)


With Karine Fradet, Philippe Berne and Céline Quézel!

This class is for WCS dancers who are already comfortable in one role (lead/follow) and would like to try the other role. Not only will you learn the basics for the other role, this exercice will allow you to get better in your first role by better understanding what is felt by leads and follows. We will cover the basic techniques to lead and follow using a lot of exercises that allow leads and follow to fulfill their role efficiently. We will then be able to introduce some steal dance tricks and some on-the-spot role switching in your dancing! Alll this while sharing feedback with your peers and having a good time! Live the experience of the person usually dancing with you!

* Please indicate in the note box below the name of your partner and your experience as a lead or follow (eg: a follow who did a Zero to Hero as a lead, or a lead who never followed, etc.)

Upcoming classes:

  • Tue Nov 21 8:35 pm - 10:00 pm with Philippe Berne
  • Tue Nov 28 8:35 pm - 10:00 pm with Philippe Berne
  • Tue Dec 05 8:35 pm - 10:00 pm with Philippe Berne