Swing 1

This class is taught by:

Olivier Didur

You would have met Oliver a few years ago, in the time where he excelled in martial arts, and told him he would be a swing teacher one day and qualify many times in team competitions, he would have laughed his heart out! This student of a Doctorate degree was far to think he would dance one day! But… like many others, he fell in love with this dance style. After only one year and a half, he became member of the SAF and teacher at the Studio 88-Swing and he loves it… So much that he runs to every event to perfect his technique. He’s a passionate… Taking part of the SAF Squad troupe for several years, he has contributed to the troupe's success, winning 1st places at CSC and ILHC. He coaches the Reservists troupe, making students develop their abilities.

Mathieu Fortin

With martial arts and mimed improvisations as an asset... Mathieu was predisposed to swing dancing! At his very first dance in 2005, he was seeking for "lead & follow" harmony, and after only 6 months has taken part, one after another, to all Montreal dance troupes! Proud to have won prizes all over North America with most of these teams, he then progressed in our elite team, SAF Squad in 2007. This team, that continuously won prizes and praises, won 1st place for 2 consecutive years at the International Lindy Hop Championship (ILHC) in 2010-2011. Lately, Mathieu has distinguished himself by winning the 2011 Canadian Champion title (with Marie-Anne Rochon) and 1st place in Solo Charleston at Canadian Swing Championships (CSC) in 2012. Still as passionate about this dance full of energy and "joie de vivre", it is with pleasure and eloquence that he will teach you so that you become, you too, a Swing addict!

Coralie Bazinet

In 2009, Coralie went to Petit Medley and discovered swing dancing for the first time. Ever since that evening, she has never stopped dancing! Her passion and unconditional love for swing dancing has made her go up the chart in different troupes at the Studio 88 Swing. In June 2013, she became a member of the SAF Squad, which is the elite troupe of the studio. Coralie has won many competing events: 1st place Jack n Jill Open at Canadian Swing Championship in 2012, 1st place Jack n Jill Advanced at Swing a Dance in 2015, 3rd place Strictly Lindy at Sing a Dance, 3rd place at Boston Tea Party in 2015 with her dance partner, Antoine Simard. Coralie not only loves to perform and compete, she thrives when teaching and adores being in contact with people. This is why her charismatic energy is completely contagious to her students!

Philippe Huot

Brand new to Montreal, originally from Quebec City, Philippe was initiated to Swing dancing for the first time at Petit Medley in 2008. It was an instant new form of art expression for him. Music, rhythm and the swing community had big influences in Phil's life. Ever since that night, he subscribed to all classes, workshops, events and practices he could find, which has enabled him to improve his techniques, diversify his knowledge and meet a variety of dancers. He has then joined the Swinging Air Force teams: Bootcamp, Battalion and Shuffle Tactics. Nowadays, Philippe teaches his passion for swing dancing at the Studio 88 Swing, happy to share his passion to his students!
Cours d'introduction au Lindy Hop. Découvrez le plaisir de danser socialement et développez un sentiment d'appartenance à la scène swing et sa culture, le tout en acquérant des techniques de bases solides. Familiarisez- vous avec les techniques de connexion propres aux danses swing, apprenez divers pas de base et mouvements qui vous permettront de danser avec aisance et épater la galerie à votre prochain mariage ou événement spécial!
Aucun pré-requis
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An introduction to swing dancing! You will learn a lot about good dance techniques and about the swing dance community and culture in Montreal and the world. Discover the techniques and basic steps specific to swing dancing and learn enough basic moves to take to the floor with assurance and blow the socks off your friends and family at the next wedding or special event.
No prerequisite
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Upcoming classes:

  • Wed Nov 22 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm with Olivier Didur
  • Thu Nov 23 8:35 pm - 10:00 pm with Mathieu Fortin
  • Wed Nov 29 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm with Olivier Didur
  • Thu Nov 30 8:35 pm - 10:00 pm with Mathieu Fortin
  • Wed Dec 06 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm with Olivier Didur
  • Thu Dec 07 8:35 pm - 10:00 pm with Mathieu Fortin
  • Thu Dec 14 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm with Coralie Bazinet
  • Thu Dec 14 8:35 pm - 10:00 pm with Mathieu Fortin
  • Thu Dec 21 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm with Coralie Bazinet
  • Thu Dec 21 8:35 pm - 10:00 pm with Mathieu Fortin
  • Thu Jan 11 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm with Coralie Bazinet
  • Thu Jan 11 8:35 pm - 10:00 pm with Mathieu Fortin
  • Tue Jan 16 8:35 pm - 10:00 pm with Philippe Huot
  • Wed Jan 17 8:35 pm - 10:00 pm with Guillaume Fabre
  • Thu Jan 18 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm with Coralie Bazinet
  • Tue Jan 23 8:35 pm - 10:00 pm with Philippe Huot